2014 BYU HS Indoor Invitational
Smith Field House
Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

January 17-18, 2014




Meet Information
as of January 13, 2014
All events will be held in the BYU Smith Field House.  The Field House has a 352 yard (5 lap per mile), 4 lane, Mondo Super X track.  The track surface is in great shape, having been installed in 2007.  All field events will be held on Friday evening.  All running events will be held on Saturday.

Welcome to the meet information page.  This will be the 10th year of the meet!  In 2009 we had almost 1200 athletes in the meet.  2005 Results2006 Results, 2007 Results, 2008 Results  2009 Results, 2010 Results, 2011 Results, 2012 Results, and 2013 Results are posted online.  FAT will be utilized for all running events, using two Etherlynx 2000 digital imaging systems.  A projection scoreboard system will be used to display start lists and results for all running events.  Electronic display boards will display results for all field events.

Registration - Registration will only be accepted on-line.  Click on the Register link above for Registration.   Registration will close promptly on Friday at noon MST.  Pre-registration is $4 per event and $16 per relay team. Registration is available for both teams and individuals. Registration fees must be paid when you arrive at the Fieldhouse.  Athletes or teams that register or add events at the meet will be charged late registration fees, which are $10 for the first event in the meet (if the athlete is not in the meet at all) and $6 for additional events up to four total.  Please make checks payable to BYU Track.

Spikes - Spikes are permitted on the track.  Spikes must be 1/4" or less in length, pyramids recommended, no needles, no christmas trees. 

Awards - Medals will be given to the top 3 finishers in each event.  T-shirts will be given to the top 6 finishers in each event.  Medals will be given to the top team in the relays.  T-shirts will be given to the top 3 teams in each relay.  The outstanding Athlete of the Meet awards will be presented to the top male and female, track and field athletes.

Participation - Athletes may participate in up to 4 individual events.  Relay team members must be from the same school/club.

Check In - All athletes must check in when they arrive at the fieldhouse to pay their fees and pickup their wrist band.  Please check-in early to minimize the lines.  We would encourage a coach or representative to check in for an entire team, pay the complete fee and pick up a wrist band for each athlete.  Team check-in would best be done on Friday.

Reporting for events - Athletes that do not report when called will be scratched.  Please arrive early and report for your event when you are called.  Events will be seeded after check-in so that we can reduce the number of empty lanes.  If you are scratched for not checking in, you will not be allowed to compete.  Please check in!

Rules - Rules will be fully enforced.  Certified officials will be at the meet.  Athletes that commit lane violations will be disqualified.

Admission - Admission for spectators is only $3 for adults and non-participating students each day.

Awards Ceremonies - Awards Ceremonies will be held immediately following each event.  Please have your athletes available!

Records - A list of the track records is posted, our thanks to Roger Buhrley. 

Coach's Mile - We have received a request to hold a Mile for the coaches.  If there is sufficient interest, we will hold a single co-ed race.  There must be at least 4 participants on the starting line for us to hold the race.  Recruit your friends!

Vertical Jumps - Height progressions:
Girl's Pole Vault: 1.83 (6-00) start, .15 (~6") progression
Boy's Pole Vault: 2.44 (8-00) start, .15 (~6") progression
Girl's High Jump: 1.23 (4-0.50) start, .05 (~2") progression
Boy's High Jump: 1.58 (5-2.25) start, .05 (~2") progression

Map - A map to the Smith Fieldhouse on the BYU campus is available here.  Map

Coaches Meeting - We will hold a quick coach's meeting at 8:45 am on Saturday at the finish line.  Please be in attendance.  If you can not attend, please send a representative.  We will discuss rules and request the support of everyone in keeping competition areas clear and safe.

Protocols -

Check-in to the meet is our biggest challenge each year. This year we would like to request that each coach, or a representative, help with the process, which will make it much simpler for everyone. Please follow these steps as a team or organization:
1. Please log back into your account before Friday and remove any of your athletes that will not be able to participate.
2. Please bring a printout of your registration from RunnerCard.
3. Please arrive, or have a representative arrive, on Friday after 4:00 pm to process check-in for your team, to pay for your team as a group and to collect the wristbands for all of your athletes.  If you are not able to have someone arrive on Friday, then you will have to fight the crowd on Saturday morning.  Doors will open 90 minutes before the first scheduled event.  It will be much easier to process your team as a group rather than as individuals.
4. Please remind your athletes that they will need their wristband to enter the facility each day, both Friday and Saturday.
5. Please request your athletes to be tidy and pickup after themselves at the meet.  Our custodial costs were one of our largest expenses last year due to the large cleanup job after each day.

Check-in will take place at the east doors, where we will process teams or individual athletes, accept payment and distribute the wristbands.  Entrance to the facility for participants, coaches and spectators is at the middle doors at the east end of the parking lot.  All other doors will remain locked.

Please remind your athletes to avoid competition areas during warm-up and between competitions.  Athletes must report when they are called.  Please instruct your athletes to pay attention to the order of events and be ready to report when they are called, which will usually be one or two events before their scheduled event.  Athletes that do not have their name marked on the list after the final call will be scratched.  We have too many races to run with empty lanes.  Each event will be seeded after the last call, then the scratches will be processed.  Once an athlete reports, you must stay in the clerking area until your race.  While the fieldhouse is not the ideal competition facility, the track surface is world class.  We will have a great meet! 

We are looking forward to a great meet! Last year we had some of the top athletes in the intermountain area, which included athletes from Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado!

See you at meet!



Schedule of Events
	5:00 pm – Girl’s Shot Put
	5:00 pm – Boy's Shot Put, Boy's Weight to follow, Girl's Weight to follow.
	5:00 pm – Girl's Pole Vault, Boy's to follow
	5:00 pm – Girl's High Jump, Boy's to follow
	5:00 pm – Girl's Long Jump, Boy's to follow
	8:45 am Coaches Meeting
	9:00 am start (Girls first, then Boys)
		1 Mile
		60M Hurdle Trials
		60M Trials
		400 M Timed Finals
		60M Hurdle Finals (top 9)
		60M Finals (top 8)
		800M Timed Finals
		200M Timed Finals
		2 Mile
		Coach's Mile Run (coed)
		4 x 1 lap Relay (up to 16 teams)



start of events in previous years
  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Girl's mile 9:13 9:02 9:04 9:00 9:01
Boy's mile 9:51 9:52 9:46 9:47 9:55
Girl's 60mH 10:33 10:43 10:33 10:53 11:08
Boy's 60mH 10:48 10:59 10:49 11:09 11:27
Girl's 60m 11:02 11:14 11:02 11:24 11:49
Boy's 60m 11:20 11:37 11:28 11:49 12:14
Lunch       12:25  
Girl's 400m 11:55 12:12 11:56 12:53 1:13
Boy's 400m 12:53 12:30 12:18 1:16 1:46
Girl's 60mH Final 1:30 1:27 1:22 1:53 2:22
Boy's 60mH Final 1:37 1:31 1:27 1:59 2:26
Girl's 60m Final 1:42 1:36 1:32 2:04 2:29
Boy's 60m Final 1:46 1:39 1:39 2:07 2:31
Girl's 800m 1:55 1:44 1:47 2:16 2:34
Boy's 800m 2:14 2:08 2:04 2:31 2:49
Girl's 200m 2:42 2:34 2:36 3:02 3:07
Boy's 200m 3:07 3:01 3:04 3:19 3:28
Girl's 2 Mile 3:59 3:40 3:41 3:49 4:00
Boy's 2 Mile 4:15 4:00 4:04 4:07 4:19
Coach's Mile 4:38 4:17 4:20 4:37 4:48
Girl's 4x1 Lap 4:46 4:27 4:34 4:49 4:57
Boy's 4x1 Lap 5:06 4:42 4:44 4:59 5:06