April 18 -
19, 2014

We received suggestions from coaches to move the BYU Invitational Multi-events two weeks earlier and to combine them with a Distance Carnival.  We produced a survey requesting feedback from high school coaches to gauge the interest.  91 coaches responded to our survey.  There was significant interest from the coaches in the Distance Carnival.  There was also a majority consensus that there would be benefit to move the Multi-events further from region and state.  And, we have support from administration.  We will give it go and see if this is indeed a good direction!  Thanks for your feedback and your support!


Accepted Dec/Hep Entries , Heat Sheets


Time Schedule
as of 04/16/2014
(tentative, the schedule will be updated after entries close)

Multi-Events & Distance Carnival


Friday, April 18
-2:45pm Boy's Decathlon - 100 Meters, Long Jump, Shot Put, High Jump, 400 Meters
-3:00pm: Girls 4x800m (Canceled)
Girl's Heptathlon - 100 Meter Hurdles, High Jump, Shot Put, 200Meters
-3:30pm: Boys 4x800m (Canceled)
-3:30pm: Girls 2000m Steeplechase (20-25 per section)
-3:50pm: Boys 2000m Steeplechase (20-25 per section)
-4:25pm: Girls 5000m (Canceled)
-4:55pm: Boys 5000m (Canceled)
-5:20pm: Girls DMR (Canceled)
-5:45pm: Boys DMR (Canceled)


Saturday, April 19
10:00 am Start
Boy's Decathlon - 110 Meter Hurdles, Discus, Pole Vault, Javelin, 1500 Meters
Girl's Heptathlon - Long Jump, Javelin, 800 Meters

Qualifying Standards

Event Boys Girls
2000m Steeplechase 3200m time of 11:30 3200m time of 14:00

State Qualifying Meet - This meet is not a state qualifying meet.

Multi-events - The Decathlon and Heptathlon will be held on Friday and Saturday.  (We tried to go on Thursday and Friday, but UHSAA rules prevented that.)  The Decathlon and Heptathlon will separated into large school and small school.  We can accommodate up to 18 athletes per gender.  The multi-events are not designated by the UHSAA as a State Qualifying Meet, so you don't have to reserve one of the state qualifying meets for your athlete.  The meet will be held in the afternoon on Friday starting at 2:45 p.m. and Saturday starting at 10:00 a.m.  The top 9 male and top 9 female athletes that register from the large and the small schools will be invited, for a total of 18 boys and 18 girls.  Marks must be from this season.  It is preferred that marks come from a state qualifying meet.  Sprint times must be FAT.  Implements must have been certified. Please enter best marks, not marks from a combined event, so that we are all consistent. Field event distances can be either metric or english.  Enter the mark for each event in the appropriate box; leave the total blank; a projected score will be calculated.  Results from the Multi-events will NOT count toward state qualifying.  Sorry.

Distance Carnival - We have been asked to host a Distance Carnival.  The Girl's will run first with the Boy's to follow.  Only athletes that are serious about the events will be allowed to compete.  Athletes displaying unserious actions will be disqualified and removed from the track. 

2000m Steeplechase - The 2000 Meter Steeplechase is just over 5 laps.  It has 18 hurdle jumps and 5 water jumps.  The seed mark for the steeplechase is their 3200m time. 

Registration - Registration will close on Tuesday, April 15th, at 8:00 a.m.

Entry Fees - Entry fees are $5 per athlete, $20 per relay.  Each team will be responsible to pay for each athlete entered into the meet through their account, regardless of whether the athlete actually does participate.  Please do not enter athletes or relay teams that have not met the entry standard. The number of athletes in your roster that are registered into events when registration closes will determine your team entry fees.  Please DO NOT bring payment to the meet.  It is most efficient for our financial department to send an invoice to your school after the meet.  Thanks for your support!

Team Scoring - The meet will not be scored.