April 23-26, 2014


Heat Sheets

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Time Schedule


Wednesday, April 23

12:00 Heptathlon
12:15 Decathlon

Thursday, April 24

12:00 Decathlon
 2:00 Heptathlon

Field Events


Friday, April 25
Implement Weigh-in 9:30a - 2:30p
10:30 Hammer women
11:00 Shot Put men
11:00 Open High Jump women
12:00 Open Pole Vault women
1:00 Long Jump men
1:00 Javelin men

Open High Jump men
2:30 Open Pole Vault men
3:00 Discus women
3:00 Long Jump women


Saturday, April 26
Implement Weigh-in 8:30a - 2:00p
10:00 Hammer men
10:00 Shot Put women

12:00 Javelin women
12:45 Inv. Pole Vault men
12:45 Triple Jump women
1:00 High Jump men
2:30 Inv. Pole Vault women
2:30 Discus men
3:00 Inv. High Jump women
3:00 Triple Jump men

Running Events

  Friday (Trials) April 25
12:40 400m men trials
12:50 100m women trials
1:00 100mH women trials
1:15 110mH men trials
1:20 1 Mile women open
1:30 1 Mile men open
1:45 400m women trials
1:50 800m women open
2:05 800m men open
2:20 100m men trials
2:50 400mH women trials
3:00 400mH men trials
3:10 200m women trials
3:20 200m men trials
3:30 3000m Steeplechase women open
3:45 3000m Steeplechase men open
4:00 5000m women final
4:20 5000m men final
  Saturday (Finals) April 26
1:00 4x100m women final
1:10 4x100m men final
1:20 3000m Steeplechase men
1:35 1 Mile women final
1:45 1 Mile men final
2:00 110mH men
2:10 100mH women final
2:20 400m women
2:30 400m men final
2:40 100m women final
2:50 100m men final
3:00 800m women final
3:10 800m men final
3:20 400mH women final
3:30 400mH men final
3:40 200m women final
3:50 200m men final
4:00 3000m Steeplechase women final
4:15 4x400m women final
4:25 4x400m men final


Meet Information
as of 04/23/2014

Vertical Jumps - If the weather is questionable, you may want to have your athletes entered into their events on both days.  If Saturday is projected to be questionable weather, we may want to emphasis the Friday events.

Registration - All registration will be done on-line.  Click on the registration link at the top or the bottom of this page.  Teams, please contact the coaches below to receive the Meet Access Code.  Registration will close for the Decathlon and Heptathlon on 8:00 a.m., Wednesday, April 23rd.  Registration will close for the remainder of the meet on Thursday, April 24th, at 4:00 pm MDT.  After that time, heats and flights will be created and posted. 

Individual Registration - Individuals and Unattached / Red-shirt athletes should register through the individual portal.  An account can not be used.  The Meet Access Code is not required.  Click on Signup next to the meet on the front page and select Individual Registration.  Registration is $5 per event.

Participating Teams - The following teams have indicated that they will be participating: BYU, Idaho State, Utah Valley, Utah & Weber State. 

Results/Heat Sheets - Heat sheets will be posted Friday and Saturday morning.  Results will be posted throughout the meet at the link above and on the boards behind the main grandstand.

Entry Fees - Meet entry fees are $150 per team, $300 per school, or $10 per athlete for incomplete teams.  

Implement Weigh-in - Implement weigh-in will be in the bull pen on Friday from 9:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.  After weigh-in, implements will be impounded until the competition.

Track - The BYU track stadium is a world-class facility, constructed with the state-of-the-art Mondo Super X surface.  Track radius is 52 meters, providing for short straights and wide turns.  Quality marks have been set at the BYU Track and Field facility. 

Spikes - Only 9 mm pyramid spikes are allowed.  No pins or christmas trees.

Check-In - Check-in will take place at either the starting line or the field event venue.  Athletes that arrive late will not be allowed to compete.

Spectator Admission - $5 per person, children under 5 free.

Scoring - The meet will not be scored, unless NCAA participation rules require it..

Warm-up - The grass field and the warm-up track to the north are available for warm-up.  There will be no warm-up on the competition track. 

Parking - There is no parking available inside the track stadium.  Please park in the lots to the west or the south of the football stadium. 

Questions - if you have questions about the meet, please contact Doug Padilla, 801-422-1295.


Opening heights in vertical jumps

Minimum throw lines in long throws

Open Pole Vault men 4.30 14' 1.25" Hammer men 45.72 150'
Open Pole Vault women 3.07 10' 1" Hammer women 39.62 130'
Inv. Pole Vault men 4.75 15' 7" Discus men 42.67 140'
Inv. Pole Vault women 3.36 11' 0.25" Discus women 33.53 110'
High Jump men 1.90 6' 2.75" Javelin men 48.77 160'
High Jump women 1.50 4' 11" Javelin women 33.53 110'


Progressions in vertical jumps

Open Pole Vault men 15 cm
Open Pole Vault women 3.07, 3.22, 3.37, 3.47, 3.57, 3.67, 3.77, 3.87, 3.97, 4.07
Inv. Pole Vault men 4.75, 15 cm to 5.20, then 10 cm
Inv. Pole Vault women 3.36, 3.51, 3.66, 3.81, 3.91, 4.01, 4.11, 4.22
High Jump men 5 cm to 2.15, then 3 cm
High Jump women 5 cm to 1.70, then 3 cm